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    Thursday, April 19th,  and its DAY G 


    Today’s lunch special is taco pasta salad for $4. Be healthy and eat a salad, even if it isn’t green.


    On April 25th, this upcoming Wednesday, WK’s own Relay for Life team will be raising funds for cancer research.  They will be selling slushies in the lobby at recess and lunch.


    Come on out and support the girls rugby team today at 3:30 as they take on Horton High School. The games are always a lot of fun, so come on out.


    Heads up to all grads! West King’s graduate barbecue will be held on May 30th. Why are you getting this much notice? Because this event full of activities, performances, and food is sure to be awesome, and we want you to have enough time to book it off work if needed. It starts at 2 at a special location that is to be announced later on. You will be taken from school on a great adventure, so keep an ear out for details.


    As per every Thursday, the GSA is meeting at lunch. Everyone is always welcome.


    After school today there is ESL for international students.


    West Kings will be holding earth day events on Friday, April 20th. Don't forget to wear your sweaters to keep warm all day because West Kings will be turning down the heat by 2 degrees to save energy.


    We will also be saving energy in the cafeteria at lunch by turning off the lights, and eating by candlelight. Feel free to share your photos of your blackout lunch with the hashtags found attached to the candles at each table.


    Stop by the main lobby at lunch as well to pick up a tasty earth-themed treat from the bake sale!


    Also, the fine arts committee will be bringing you a fun, ambient atmosphere in the cafeteria at lunch with some great WK performers. Come out and chill in the cafeteria at lunch on Friday to hear some great sets.


    All of that is THIS friday. Also this Friday, West Kings will be doing a school clean up hosted by your favourite game show host and mine, Mr. Ross Wheaton.  Teachers should check their email for a message from Mr. Wheaton about the plans for Friday if you haven’t already.


    Thank you to all the grads who signed up for a free scan from Mark on your calendars that that is happening this upcoming Wednesday April 25.


    Also this upcoming Wednesday night, April 25 from 7 to 10  is the NEON dance. We’re having a neon Dance on Wednesday the 25 come on out and have some fun.  Its an invitational dance so if you like to invite a student from another school and there’s an invite sheet in the office to fill out. All invites must be submitted by tomorrow , April 20th at 2PM. NO LATER.  We really need chaperones so staff, please if you would be so kind, sign up in the staff room.


    Did you know the answer to yesterday’s trivia question? The question was: The dingo is a free ranging dog found mainly in which country?  The answer? Australia. The winner’s from yesterday were Dane Battiste, Nick Currie, Matt Priddle, Owen Cummings and Caitlin Strong.


    Remember, only the first five correct guesses are entered. So, if you know the answer to any of the questions, email it to WKnewsTV at gmail. If you email it to the GNSPES account it will not be entered.


    Just as a heads up, report cards go home on Friday. If you need to buy your parents something nice, there’s still time.



    Grad Silent Auction

    Another event to support Grad activities this year! .  There is to be a silent auction on May 12th and the proceeds go to supporting the Grad activities this year.  If you, your parents or a local business would like to donate items that can be auctioned off that would be appreciated.  


    Grads, consider adding your services to the auction.  Why not donate your time to help clean up someone’s property or an evening worth of babysitting or whatever skill you have.  I know a student at WK who is great with small engines who could do a lawnmower or snowblower servicing that would easily generate some money.  That would be worth at least $50. $50 going towards your graduation that you wouldn’t have to pay. Check in with your parents to see what you can do to make this auction a success.  Donations can be dropped off at the office any time.


    Gaelic Concert

    Want to attend the Gaelic Concert celebrating the Scottish-Gaelic culture of Nova Scotia? There will be performances from groups from all over the province to West Kings putting a great show for all who want to attend.  Tickets are $5.00 and are available from the office. The performance is on May 25.


    Application forms are here for the 2018 Youth Legion Leadership Training Camp, which will take place Saturday, June 23rd until Sunday, July 1st, 2018.  If you would like more information you can go to If you are interested in applying, you will need to get a form from Ms Griffin in the office.


    Clean Foundation’s Clean Leadership Summer Internship Program (formerly the Youth Corps [NSYCC]). Although the deadline was March 25th, here are several summer internship positions that are still open and accepting applications. These positions can be found on our website:


    There are lots of great opportunities this year in a variety of environmental sectors, including: watershed restoration, environmental education, forestry, waste, and energy.  Successful candidates will also be invited to attend a two-day professional development workshop in May.


    Bolland Driving will be holding another drivers’ education class shortly.  Call the office or see their website for dates. Call 902 679 1555 for details. 


We endeavor to make our school webpage to reflect the needs of our users by making it mobile-friendly and to provide information and functionality that our school community could best use.   Keep using the site and check regularly for updates!  If you find something that you believe could be better configured or an idea you would like to share please use this form to send us your suggestions.  Thank you.


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