Grad Week Information

Everything you need to know about activities leading up to Graduation night.
If you have any questions, please check at the Counselling Office.


Date:   TBA (To Be Announced)
Place: TBA
Times: Procession at 6:30 p.m.; Grads are asked to arrive between 5:00 and 5:30 for the parade
Prom: 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Music By: TBA

Free for Grads who have paid grad fee of $110; ($20 for guests; includes Prom and Safe Grad Activities). All guests must be approved by WK Administration.

•  Only members of the grade 12 class are eligible to pick up tickets.   Grads who have paid their grad tax will receive a prom ticket for themselves, and may purchase one (if necessary) for their guest.   Other non-graduating members of the grade 12 class may purchase prom and Safe/Grad tickets for themselves and their guests at a price of $20 each.

•  Remember, this is a school-sanctioned activity; standard procedures re smoking, alcoholic beverages, etc. are in effect.   14 Wing protocol requires that hats and outside jackets must be left in the designated cloakroom.

•  Please take note of areas of the Annapolis Café where WK prom-goers are not permitted.   Remember that we are guests of 14 Wing.

•  The prom is a formal function.   Please dress appropriately.

•  Drop off on June 11th between 9:00 a..m. and 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Please note that all bags will have a security check. It is recommended that you bring your clothing to the storage area, rather than worring about kitbags and knapsacks when you're arriving after the prom.

•  Family and friends are invited to the Procession between 5:30 & 6:30 p.m..   This is an ideal photo and video opportunity.

•  Complimentary soft drinks and juice/water will be served during the prom, with light snacks.

•  Please note that random security checks will be taking place throughout the evening.

•  Free transportation from the Prom to Safe Grad at West Kings is available on a limited basis (see Safe Grad info).


Grad Fees include tickets for the Prom, Grad BBQ, Safe Grad, and Grad Exercises. They will be available TBA


Students who want final transcripts must sign up in the transcript book (Blue Book) in the Counselling Office on or before June 30th (recommended to sign up during exam week).

Mrs. Hatt will FAX or EMAIL final transcript to the college or university on your behalfFor schools that do not accept Faxes or emails, Mrs. Hatt will have them ready for pick-up from TBA from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (The offices will be closed on July 2nd, 2018, for Canada Day).

If it is not possible for you to have them picked up, please speak with Mrs. Hatt. The Counselling Office may be reached by calling 847-4453.


Date:   TBA
Place: West Kings District High School
Times: 2:30 - 10:30 p.m.
Cost: Free, with paid Grad Fee.
  • The BBQ is only for members of the Class of 2016, and staff.
  • The Grad of the Year Award : Nominations speeches will be given at the BBQ and the grads will vote in homeroom the next morning. Other important presentations involving graduating students will also take place at this time.
  • Bring your Yearbook! It's an excellent time to get it signed.
  • Any graduating student wishing to be added to the Awards Program should contact Mr. Squires. Musical numbers, skits, readings, and other tributes are welcome!
  • More information will be provided by the student committee in May.



Date:   June 28, 2018
Place: West Kings District High School
Times: Grads are to assemble by 5:45 p.m. to pick up grad gowns and find their place in the line-up. The ceremony begins at 7:00. There will be a reception following the graduation exercises.
Ceremony: 7:00 start
Tickets: Admission to the Grad Ceremony is by INVITATION ONLY. Grads are entitled to THREE tickets for the gymnasium seats. Additional guests will be seated in the cafeteria. No guest will be given a floor seat without a ticket.



You must ensure:

  • before March 31st - your name is listed on the Gown Order List posted on the window of the Main Office. If your name is not on the list, inform the Office.
  • your LEGAL NAME is correctly listed on the Potential Grad List which will be posted in the Couselling Department. Make sure you do this . . . see Mrs. Hatt in the counselling Office if your name is misspelled.
  • The Official Grad List will be posted in the Lobby on June 27th at Noon. Again, check the spelling of your name on this list.
  • Grad Rehearsal will take place at the school on Wednesday, June 27th immediately following the posting of the Grad List at Noon. All grads are to attend this in order to prepare for the graduation ceremony. This will be the ONLY rehearsal.
  • The graduation attire (gowns, stoles, caps, tassels) will be issued at the school begining at 5:30 p.m., June 28th. This provides an opportunity to have outdoor photos taken with friends and famiy before the ceremony with your graduation attire.
  • The Grad Ceremony is a formal occasion. Please be sure you are dressed appropriately. Grads: NO hats, shorts, t-shirts, jeans or sneakers, please!
  • If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to an emergency or illnes, please do your best to advise the Counselling Office (847-4453) as soon as you know this. Your absence will affect the line up.
  • Your gown and stole may be retained for 15 minutes following the ceremony for photographs. You must return them personally to a designated WK Staff member.
  • Gowns and stoles are the property of Gaspard & Sons. It is your responsibility to return them and ensure that your name is checked off, otherwise you will be billed by the company (gown $85, stole $15). The cap, tassel, and flower are yours to keep!
  • Remember that you are appearing in front of family, friends, staff, and many special guests. Please conduct yourself accordingly!

CLASS OF 2018 - Letter to Grads  

Your final year of Public School Education is now underway! On behalf of your teachers we would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments to date. A committee comprised of students, parents and staff will be meetingin the near future to plan for a memorable and enjoyable graduation week. Attached please find a checklist of your responsibiities during your grad year. Please make good use of this checklist - it is meant to make your life easier.

Pleae ensure that you have the necessary credits to graduate and that you will be meeting the entrance requirements for post secondary study. If you have not already done a Credit Check, please request yours from the counselling office. Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that you meet the graduation requirements for a Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma. If you require assistance with your credit check, please meet with your school counsellor. Although we have in place a policy that does not allow for course changes exceptions are made if you require a course to meet the entrance requirements for post secondary study. If you plan to complete your secondary studies at the conclusion of Semester One, please be very careful when you are doing your credit check.

It is important that all graduating students check the West Kings web site for up-to-date information on financial awards, scholarships, bursaries, special programs, visits from post secondary representatives, student loans and any additional information that maybe of interest to students and parents. Information of Grad activities including fund raising, yearbook, grad photos and important meetings will also be listed on our web site. Once again it is your responsibility to constantly check our web site. If you do not have access to a computer at home you are encouraged to use one of the computers in the school library, computer room, Counseling Department or a computer available at the local community library.

The grad fee for this year is $110.00 and payable in the Main Office. Cheques should be made payable to West Kings District High School. A receipt will be issued to you for payment of fees and please make sure that you keep that receipt. These monies are used for the following:

  • Rental of grad gowns and stoles
  • Purchase of grad hats, tassels, and diploma folders
  • Major costs of prom including facility rental, music, decorations and refreshments
  • Subsidize ticket price for graduation banquet
  • Printing of all tickets
  • Graduation flowers and program
  • Labour for setting up and removal of graduation seating
  • Subsidize your Safe Grad activities

Grad gowns are ordered in early April. It is imperative that we have confirmation that you plan to take part in Graduation Exercises at that time providing that you meet the requirements for a Nova Scotia Graduation Diploma. If you do not pay your grad fees before June 1st you will risk missing your graduation ceremony. You must have a graduation gown in order to participate in Graduation Exercises.

Additional expenses that you should be prepared for this coming year include: yearbook, grad photos and grad apparel. Graduation write-ups are the responsibility of each graduating student. You will be receiving information from the yearbook staff with regard to content, format and length of these write-ups.

The School Photographer, at no charge, will take graduation photos from January 16th - 18th. It is very important that you have your picture taken, even if you plan to have your grad photos taken by an outside photographer. Failure to make use of this free service could mean that your photo will be left out of the yearbook and/or composite photo, which are placed in the Senior Wing of the school. Additional information will be made available to you at a later date.

Grad week activities will be planned as the year progresses. Please check the Morning Announcements and the West Kings web site for information on these activities. Your graduation committee will make sure that this information is provided to you as the date for graduation approaches. A detailed brochure outlining important information on the list of activities, times and location will be distributed to you in early June. For students who will be completing their studies in January please contact the Counselling Department in early June to receive this information.

The Graduation Exercises for 2018 takes place at West Kings District High School on Thursday, June 28th. A number of special fund raising activities will be planned by the TADD/Safe Grad Committee to help defray the costs for this event. We do need assistance and support from parents to organize fund raising events and chaperone at the Safe Grad.

If you are planning to graduate and are in a Grade 11 homeroom please see Mrs. Hatt in the Counselling Department to ensure that you are moved to a Grade 12 homeroom.

In closing we do want to extend best wishes to you for a successful and enjoyable year.

The Staff of West Kings



  Complete a credit check within the first week of school to ensure that you will meet the graduation requirements for a Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma .
  When completing a credit check, also check to ensure you will meet the entrance requirements for post-secondary study.
  If you are in graduation position, ensure that you are in a Grade 12 homeroom.
  Attend the initial in-school assembly for Grad Students held in September or October.
  Complete a Student Information Form and submit it to the Counselling Office by the end of October.
  Attend the post-secondary information sessions (held this year on November 14th and 15th).
  Request course changes by the second week of school, paying attention to the course change policy in the Course Selection Handbook. If you wish to make changes to your second semester courses, please do so now, not at the beginning of 2nd semester.
  Submit your written order for your grad gown to designated person as requested in September. More info to follow.
  Pre-book and attend the photo shoot for your Grad picture (no charge) which will take place at WK.
  Check the West Kings website regularly for up-to-date information on financial awards, scholarships, bursaries, special programs, visits from post-secondary institutions, student loans and other relevant information. See Mrs. Hatt in the Counselling Office if you require any application forms.
  Pay your Grad Fee of $110 in the Main Office. Cheques should be payable to West Kings District High School. Be sure to keep your receipt.
  Prepare for additional expenses for your yearbook, grad photos, and grad apparel.
  Prepare a grad write-up and submit it to the Yearbook Committee.
  Attend the Graduation Information Session with your parents. Encourage your parents now to volunteer to plan and support Celebration Night and Prom.
  Pay close attention to the daily announcements! We communicate important information to our grads through the announcements and we also offer reminders. The memo board in the Counselling Office is also a good source of information.
  Support the Grad-of-the-Year selection process.
  Arrange for transcripts through Mrs. Hatt in the Counselling Office. There may be a 48 hour processing time, so take this into consideration when planning to send applications, or visit institutions. Final transcripts in June must be requested in advance as they will not be automatically sent to post-secondary institutions.
  Pay close attention to deadlines for applications, scholarships and awards. Please respect the time of others and ask for references at least two weeks in advance.
  Grade 12 can be an exciting year but also a stressful year. Find a balance between hard work, social and family time, and extracurricular activities.
  Ask for help when needed. It is a sign of intelligence, not weakness!

GRAD FEES 2017~ F.A.Q.

How much is the fee? When is it due?

The Grad Fee is $110 for all graduation activities and is due as soon as possible. The last day to pay is May 12, 2017. If you are attending the grad ceremony only, the cost is reduced to $70.

What does the grad fee cover?

The grad fee covers the full cost of renting your graduation gown and stole, purchasing your hat, tassel, certificate folder, and a class photo. The grad fee also covers the cost of the Grad Ceremony, Grad BBQ, and Prom. The grad fee does not cover the cost of the yearbook or additional tickets for prom.

I don't plan to attend the grad ceremony. Do I have to pay a grad fee?

Yes, you must pay to cover the costs of your grad folder, hat, photograph, Prom and Grad BBQ.

I paid my grad fee last year and didn't graduate. Do I have to pay again?

No, you only need to pay the $110 fee once. Bring in a copy of your paid receipt, or check in the Main Office to ensure your payment is on file.

I only want to cross the stage. I'm not interested in going to the prom or the banquet. Must I pay the full grad fee?

No, it is $70 to attend only the grad ceremony.

I'm not sure if I'm going to graduate. Should I pay the grad fee and take a chance?

Yes, if you plan on attending the Grad BBQ and prom with your class. Your payment will be on file so you will not need to pay again when you graduate next year.

I failed courses in the first semester and now I can't graduate, but I already paid my grad fee. What happens now?

You will be able to attend the Prom with your grad class. Your fee will be held to cover your fee for the following year. If you do not return the following year, please contact the Main Office.

My financial resources are VERY limited. I don't have $110 for grad fee, but I still want to participate. What can I do?

There are a number of options we can explore together, such as a payment plan (perhaps $10 every couple of weeks), finding employment for you within the school so that you can earn the amount you require, etc. Please see someone in the Counselling Office if you are experiencing financial hardship and require assistance. The Main Office will help you find jobs you can do to alleviate some or all of the costs.

I paid my student fee! Why do I now have to pay a grad fee?

Student's Council collects student fees as part of their year-long campaign to raise the funds necessary for school-wide programs and activities. Watch for their budget to see where your student fees go. The grad fee is for graduating ONLY - to help finance yourgrad activities.

Can I have Mom drop off my grad fee to the office?

As a graduating student, we hope that you can be trusted to deliver this yourself. Grad fees are paid directly in the Main Office. Should your parent wish to drop off a cheque at the Office, they would be happy to take it. The Cheque should have your name and home room written in the memo space. Be certain that you obtain a receiptl as this is your only proof of payment.

May I pay with a post-dated cheque?

Yes, but you must clear it with Mrs. Abriel or Mrs. Tupper.

More questions?

Please see someone in the Main Office.



Just a few notes for Grads!

Recently a student asked me a number of questions on behalf of himself and other students and I thought it would be beneficial to provide this information to all grads.

If you are interested in working in the construction industry after graduation, please note that NSCC offers many trade programs which include: Cabinetmaking, CAD Technical-Mechanical, Carpentry, Civil Engineering, Construction Management Technology, Electrical Technician, and other related courses. Visit

If you are interested in the Canadian Armed Forces, ROTP or RMC, a representative will be at West Kings during the Post Secondary event on November 6th and November 7th. Also see

If you are interested in a career with Nova Scotia Power you may find information at

If you would like to know how to become a Real Estate Agent, check out Career Cruising (see info below) ore

If you would like to be connected with someone who is doing a job in which you are interested, for the purpose of asking questions, please see Ms. Briand.

If you would like to spend a day at NSCC to check out a particular program, please see the NSCC website and look for TEST DRIVES under the Explore NSCC link.

If you would like to know what job opportunities will be available in a few years, check out labour market information at

Please come to the Counselling Office if you have any questions or require assistance.

Have a great year!

Ms. Briand

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