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Call for Student Artwork for NSSBA AGM and Conference

The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board would like to showcase student artwork during the Nova Scotia School Boards Association Annual General Meeting and Conference in June.

The event theme is “The Face of Change.” Our school board members want to share the creativity of high school students from each school in our region by displaying artwork to school board members from across the province. 

Art in any medium created for class assignments or new works based on the event theme are welcome. Please include student name, grade level, school and title of work with all submissions. 

Please contact Kristen Loyst by May 6, 2016 at communications@avrsb.ca <mailto:communications@avrsb.ca>  or 902-538-4614 if your students would like submitting artwork. Arrangements for delivery/return will be made when contacting Kristen.




Promoting Positive Behaviours in Teens

(formerly known as Parenting Your Defiant Teen)


Winter 2016                                                Spring 2016

Wednesday 9:30 - 11:30 am                      Mondays 6:30 – 8:30 pm

March 9 – May 4                                        May 2 – June 27 

Chipman Building                                      Bridgetown High School

5 Chipman Drive, Kentville

For more information call: (902) 365-1701 ext. 3163

An 8 week course for parents of Teens between 13 and 18 years.

Topics include :       

  • Why teens misbehave                      Reward and incentive programs
  • Positive attention                             Effective discipline strategies
  • Improving school behaviours
  • Increasing cooperation and independence

There is no fee to participate. 

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We endeavor to make our school webpage to reflect the needs of our users by making it mobile-friendly and to provide information and functionality that our school community could best use.   Keep using the site and check regularly for updates!  If you find something that you believe could be better configured or an idea you would like to share please use this form to send us your suggestions.  Thank you.


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