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  • Exam Week


    Exam Daily Schedule


    Morning Exams - 8:00-11:00 am - please be in your classroom by 8:00am.  You must remain in the classroom until 11:00am.


    Afternoon Exams - 11:55am-1:55pm - please report to the classroom by 11:30am.  You must remain until 1:55pm.


    Students who travel by school bus and do not have an exam in one block are expected to remain in the cafeteria.  If you do not have a scheduled exam on a certain day you should not attend school that day. 


    Snow Day Interruption

    If school is cancelled during the exam period all exams will be pushed back by a day.  Any marking days would also be pushed back by a day.  This would likely mean 2nd semester will be a day later starting.
    If school is cancelled for more than one day during the exam period then the exams are pushed back accordingly. 


    Should a student miss an exam due to illness a doctor's note is required.

  • Message from AVRSB

    Self-Identification Initiative Starting February 2, 2015

    AVRSB is asking all parents/guardians, staff and students to help us learn more about the diversity of our students, staff and communities.

    Starting on February 2, 2015, a self-identification form will be provided to all students, and we encourage all parents/guardians to provide information about their child’s ancestry and/or Aboriginal identity. Please note that self-identification is for everyone.

  • Leadership Opportunity - RCMP Youth Advisory Committee (deadline extened to Feb 3)


    Check the School Calendar (under Calendar Tab) for more information

    Monday, Jan 26 - Exam week begins - Schedules posted below

    Tuesday, Jan 27 - Exams

    Wednesday, Jan 28 - Exams

    Thursday, Jan 29 - Exams

    Friday, Jan 30 - Semester 1 ends - Marking Day, no school



    Football - Roast Beef Dinner, Friday, Feb 27 at the Aylesford Lions Hall


    After School Programs - free and open to all students

    Yoga - Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-4:00pm, Room B035

    Fitness Club - Tuesday/Thursday 2:15-3:30pm, Fitness Room in Gym

    Rock Climbing - Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-5:00pm




    Here is a quick review of attendance expectations for students:

    Grade 9 - all students are expected to remain on school property throughout the entire school day.

    Grade 10/11 - permitted to leave school property during lunch ONLY, as long as a signed permission form is on file

    Grade 12 - during a spare, grade 12 students are permitted to leave school property (they must sign out) or they are to remain in the cafeteria.

    All students leaving school property during class time MUST be signed out by a parent/guardian.

  • Communication between West Kings and Families

    West Kings strives to keep families informed and the lines of communication open.

    Alert Solutions and Parent Portal are two electronic methods to communicate with parents/guardians and students.  Alert Solutions allow us to contact you by email, phone and/or text message.  Parent Portal gives you access to online student information.

    You are also encouraged to continue to use the West Kings website, teacher websites, email and personal contact for staying on top of your student and school activity.


West Kings is a Peanut Sensitive School


Frequently Asked Questions 1. How do I submit my Grad Write up to the 2015 Yearbook?

Answer #1

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